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Victoria Beckham Collections – Explore New Clothing Line

Victoria Beckham
Image by: Rex Features

Victoria Beckham, a former popstar with no prior experience in fashion industry shocked everyone in the year 2008. She proved all the critics wrong by launching a collection of 10 dresses in the New York Fashion Week. She made an extraordinary presentation of her fashion sense in the most humble and sweet manner.

She proved everyone wrong and removed the “Spice Girl” tag associated with her. The hard-to-impress fashion world accepted her with warm wishes. There was not a single dud piece in her first collection that rocked the New York Fashion Week in September 2008.

Victoria Beckham’s clothing line was announced as the best brand in 2011 and 2014 by British Fashion awards. It was also declared as the best womenswear in the year 2015. Her ready wear collections gained popularity after some time and fan following became countless.

Many famous critics believe that her collections are very modern and they are a real fit for the fashion world. They are not just a collection of dresses, but clearly more than that. The Victoria Beckham Collections showcase a true image of a wild painter. The color combinations are a great piece of art in itself, creating a wild collection.

Some of the highlighted items of the collections include a sexy black spaghetti strap midi, a pink-on-pink blouse, and pants ensemble, and powerful checkered coats. They can also be known as as ice cream prints that are sweet but not too sugary.

Recently, a Target collection is also launched by this exclusive brand. The crowd went crazy and response rate went off charts. It brought everything from the retro vibes and lets you travel back to the 60’s. The entire line was worth to buy and in most of the stores, it was sold out in few hours.

The vibrant Spring 2018 collection by Victoria Beckham embraces brilliant colors. Victoria Beckham was inspired for this collection as she was wearing a lot of colors herself. The fans and celebrities looked mesmerized by the artistic presentation.

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